SMA robs them of their physical strength, but that won't stop nine-year old twins Kyle & Lauren from golfing! Join us by watching, sharing, and pledging a donation to Cure SMA!

Spinal muscular atrophy is the #1 genetic cause of death for infants. 50% of people diagnosed with SMA pass away by the age of 2. One in forty of us are carriers for the gene which causes SMA. And there is no cure.

Kyle & Lauren were diagnosed with SMA at age 16 months. Since 2009, the Byrd family has worked to raise awareness and funds for a cure for SMA. The 4th Annual Byrds Fore A Cure golf tournament, benefitting Cure SMA, is at Stonecreek GC in Phoenix on 5/6. Over the last three years, Byrds Fore A Cure has raised over $30,000 for Cure SMA!

This year on Master's weekend, the twins will challenge each other to a putting contest. Swinging a golf club isn't easy for them, but in a trial run they averaged about 3 putts per minute. (That translates to around 60 putts x two twins, as a ballpark estimate.) Pledge per putt now, and give them motivation to keep going! 

Donate a flat amount now, or simply comment with your pledge amount and we'll send you an invoice after the event. (If you are not on Facebook but still want to support the cause, you can always donate
a flat amount here.)

Then, watch our Byrds For a Cure Facebook page on the morning of Saturday, April 8 for a Facebook Live stream of the event! We'll be ready with pimiento sammies and Arnold Palmers! And some friendly helpers!

(The twin with the most putts wins a Roblox gift card from his/her parents--we like to keep things interesting! We don't understand Roblox, but it's apparently meaningful to them.)

Learn more and sign up to pledge with us on 4/6:

Please share, and help us spread the word!