Cure SMA

Cure SMA (formerly known as Families of SMA) connects families like ours with resources to get through the day of diagnosis and get to work managing the medical care of our children as well as the emotional needs we all have when faced with a terminal diagnosis.  Cure SMA was founded by a small group of families like ours whose children struggled to see their 2nd birthdays, but who carry on no matter what. Now we join thousands of other families committed to finding a cure and treatment for SMA, and we do it by holding events like our Byrds Fore A Cure golf tournament and with support and donations from our friends, family, and communities. We need your support to reaching major breakthroughs--and we're closer to reaching those than ever before!

Fifteen new drugs are now in development for SMA, with seven in active clinical trials. Cure SMA has funded two-thirds of the programs in the overall SMA drug pipeline over the last thirty years. We've made it this far with everyone's help, and now we need your continued support to sustain the momentum. Funds and donations received from the Byrds Fore a Cure golf tournament go right to Cure SMA to give them--and families like ours--the energy to keep fighting this disease on every front during a crucial moment in SMA research.